Dylan's Christmas Show & James' Birthday!

Dylan had his Christmas show at daycare Thursday afternoon and he did so well! I was afraid he was going to see a crowd of people, freak out, and cry the whole time, but once the music started he started dancing and clapping...I was so proud!
Dylan and his BFF, Jackson!

"Wait Jackson, the show isn't over yet!"

Such a cute picture :)

We love Ms. Tania!

And Ms. Maria too!

Dylan showing daddy his classroom :)

Dylan's show...

Friday was Dylan's last day with his teachers...he'll be moving up to the Toddler II class in January. It's definitely a bittersweet move...I'm so sad he won't have Ms. Maria and Ms. Tania as teachers anymore because they were both amazing with him this fall, but he also isn't talking as much as his friends so I'm hoping he can pick up more language from the older kids in his new class. It was hard to say "good-bye"to them but I know he'll still get to see them everyday. Dylan also got his report card for the 1st semester...he did well with his fine/gross motor skills, however, as I already mentioned, he's not speaking as much as his friends and as a speech therapist, that was hard for me to hear. But we'll continue to work on it, no worries!

James' birthday party was Saturday and Dylan had a blast. I've worked with his mommy for about 5 years and she's an amazing friend of mine. We were so excited to celebrate his 1st birthday with him!
Happy Birthday!

Dylan playing with James...or taking the ball away from him..

"James, high-five!"

"Dude, don't leave me hanging!"

Loving the ball pit! We had to drag him out of there, kicking and screaming :)

This weekend my parents drove up to celebrate Christmas with us since we're staying put again this year. Unfortunately Dylan's been sick for a few days and had a fever today. He was pretty fussy and clingy, but he was still able to enjoy his presents from Grandma & Grandpa!

I really hope Dylan starts feeling better...I'd hate to waste our winter break with a sick house like we did with our Thanksgiving break. Will we ever all be healthy at the same time again?!?!

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