Santa!!! I know him!

Well it looks like Christmas is finally in full swing, yea! The shopping, baking, and wrapping has started. Luckily all the decorations haven't seemed to have cramped Dylan's style, and he's even more accepting of the Christmas tree...only broke 1 ornament so far!
Great tip I learned for this picture: turn all the lights off, except for the tree, set your camera on the Manual setting, set your ISO as high as it'll go and open your aperture as low as it'll go (mine was at about 1.2), and set your shutter to 1/30...I love this picture :)

Last weekend we decided to take Dylan to mall in Plano to see Santa. The mall opened at 10am and we got there around 10:05am, so sure we would be in and out since we were so early. I was shocked to see the long line when we got there! But I figured, Dylan's all dressed up (in his khakis and sweater vest) and in a pretty good mood and we're already here, we'll just wait. So Keith took Dylan to the play area while I waited in line. After 1 hour and 15 minutes of waiting, Dylan was starting to get hungry and fussy and I was nowhere near close to seeing Santa yet. So I hung my head down and left my spot in line, so aggravated that I wasted our morning. It was on to Plan B: come one day right after school, before the evening rush. Tuesday I decided to try again and, as planned, go to the mall as soon as Dylan and I left school. Unfortunately, Keith forgot his backpack at home that morning, which had his juice, goldfish, and Gloworm...all the necessities I needed to get Dylan to wait in a line. So I had to rush home first before headed to the mall. Well, with my unbelievable luck, we finally get there just as they're closing the line (Santa has a cookie break at 5pm and we got there at 4:40pm). I was almost in tears as I begged her to let us in...I told her about Saturday and that I rushed as fast as I could to make it in time (I knew they closed the line early, same thing happened to us last year) and that Dylan would not make it until he got back since he would be fussy and hungry. The sweet lady pulled me aside and said, "Stick around, if all the families go through and we have enough time for 1 more, I'll let you in". I was so happy, I knew she'd let me in!
Dylan waiting to get in line...

"Look mommy, a big bear!"

Yea, they finally let us in! Dylan walking into the Snow Palace...and very confused.

"oh, snow!"

And finally, his picture with Santa...priceless!

On our way to the California Pizza Kitchen for dinner we stopped at the play area and Dylan would not leave, he loved playing in that car. I was finally able to pry him away after letting him drive it.

So we didn't get the best Santa picture, but it was definitely a funny one. Hopefully he won't be so scared of Santa next year...hopefully!

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