Sandy Lake fun!

Every year Keith takes his band out to the Sandy Lake Amusement Park, however it's usually been during the school day so I could never tag along. This year they went on a Saturday, so Dylan and I decide to join in on the fun. Dylan was pretty preoccupied with watching Daddy work, so we didn't get to try many rides before it was time to leave for lunch and nap time, but we left with plenty of tickets to come back on another day!

Dylan had his eye on the "big kid" rides at first...

Ready to ride the boats!


Now ready to take on the race cars!

However half way through the ride he started screaming and trying to jump out of the moving car, so they had to stop it so I could take him off...we'll stick to the boats next time!

I had 2 videos of him riding the boat and car, but for some strange reason I couldn't get them off my memory card and I think I lost them...so sad :-(

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