Happy 2nd Birthday, Dylan Cole!

I can't believe 2 years have passed since I first became a mommy. That day is still etched in my brain as it was yesterday...everything from being in labor, every painful contraction, having to head to the OR, the moment he was here, our families all being there, and my amazing husband, standing by my side through it all. My little man steals my heart everyday and I really can't remember my life before him.

Dylan's 2-year old Milestones
-Physically: Dylan is desperate to learn how to jump! He runs faster than I can most of the time. He can use most of the playground equipment without assistance now and loves going down tall slides. He also wants to climb up and down the stairs by himself. He is able to use a fork and spoon to eat. He likes drawing with crayons and chalk. He can also bring the step stool to the bathroom, climb up, wash his hands, and put his stool back.

-Intellectually: Dylan is able to count to 10 in English and Spanish (with some verbal cues/modeling). He can also identifying most of the letter in the alphabet (and they sounds they make) and can identify his name as well. He can also label 5 shapes but we are still working on his colors. He can name a lot of animals and the sounds they make as well. Dylan is able to grab my iPad, turn it on, and find his Elmo moves to watch. He can also get my iPhone, plug it into my iHome, and find the song he wants to listen to. Dylan loves reading his books and is started to retell the story back to us (as best he can).

-Language: Dylan is still delayed in his language development, unfortunately. He understands very well but is still not using as many words as his friends from school. He has well over 50 words in his vocabulary (at least last I counted a month ago) and is beginning to put 2-words together. The word "mine" is now used 50% of the day now. I'm confident he'll catch up in no time!

-Emotionally/Socially: Dylan is having tantrums like no one's business! He gets upset when told "no" but is getting better with dealing with it. He comes to mommy or daddy when hurt for hugs and kisses. Dylan loves saying "no ki ka" (kitty cat) when the cat is playing with something of his. He loves to snuggle with us while watching TV on the couch or in bed. He gets easily frustrated and can have a short temper...we're trying to work on that. Dylan is a social butterfly! He likes going up to people (even complete strangers at a restaurant) and saying "hi" while waving. He still has trouble playing with other kids and sharing his toys...he'll push kids if they're using his things or using what he wants, but nothing a typical 2-year old doesn't do already. He loves giving us hugs and kisses and says "wu wo" (love you) when we say it to him first. Dylan is an absolute neat-freak and does very well with cleaning his toys and dishes. If he spills juice, he is not OK until it is cleaned up! Dylan loves listening to music and especially dancing to music. He has such a great imagination and is beginning to play with his cars and say "vroom.

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