Dylan's 2nd Birthday Party!

Dylan had such a good time at his birthday party this weekend! I decided months ago (before Dylan was in to anything) that I would throw him a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" party since he loves the Eric Carle books. I found a few ideas on Pinterest and was so excited to put it all together. Of course, a few months later, he fell in love with Elmo so part of me was really crushed I wasn't throwing him an Elmo party...but he received plenty of fun Elmo presents to make up for it! And there's always next year.

Fun invitations!

I loved these pinwheels I had custom made from Etsy

Including food from the story!

I LOVED this cake! It came out exactly as I wanted it to!

Loved this idea since the caterpillar eats through a lollipop and it had Dylan's name on it!

He loved his Elmo guitar...has played with it non-stop!

Yea, more books!

Becoming a pro at the whole "opening presents" thing!

We have chalk all over the living room floor now :-)

Yea, now we can learn how to ride a bike!

I love my birthday boy!!!

Many thanks to the family who traveled to be here for Dylan's party...included my older sister and little brother. One of the rare times we're all at the same place at the same time :)

Saturday was also Keith & I's 5th wedding anniversary...
This man is my EVERYTHING and I don't know what I would do without him!

Unfortunately my parents and Keith's parents could not come up for Dylan's party, both due to health reasons (what were the odds!), but we look forward to seeing them soon to celebrate. It was a great day for our family! Monday afternoon I took Dylan in for his 2-year check-up...he measured 36 1/4 inches for height (90%) and 33.6 lbs for weight (95%), my son is a beast! Dr. Coco even pointed out on his growth chart that Dylan has never even come close to the 50% line in his life...and he also predicted that he would probably reach over 6 feet when he's fully grown! I'll be a little shrub in my family of tall men! But he said Dylan looked great and he was so good for his 1 shot...only cried for 10 seconds. And no, it doesn't get any easier watching them get shots as they get older :-( We love Dr. Coco, but our next check-up isn't until the age of 3, so we're hoping to not see him again for another year (especially with last year full of 105 fevers, ear infections, and a broken leg)!

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