May birthday parties! And summer is finally here!!!

Apparently May is a very popular time to have babies, so it makes for a busy birthday party season! Going to parties (kid's parties) are so much more fun now that Dylan can go off and play without us following him around everywhere he goes...as long as he's sharing appropriately and not crying ;-)

Dylan had a blast at Jackson's birthday party, and he's been obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine ever since!
Chillin' before the party, in true Dylan fashion.

"High fives"

They're going to be BFF's...Jala and I have already decided :)

Later that day we had Ayden's 3rd birthday party. I was so excited to see that the theme was Green Lantern since Dylan already had a Green Lantern shirt...perfect!

PiƱata time!

Partying with my other best buddy, James.

My 1st tattoo...thanks Ms. Annette!

Super cool party, Ayden!

Yesterday we had another fun party...Olivia's 3rd birthday party! It was at the pool/water park in Carrollton and we were so thrilled Dylan had a great time. We will definitely be back this summer.

"Look, daddy"...then SPLASH!

We also ran into our fun friends Anna and Bridget!

Pool parties sure are the best!

Many thanks to all of my special friends for inviting me to their parties! And Happy Birthday to them all! The other great thing about May is that summer vacation is just around the corner. Dylan's summer celebration started with Water Day at daycare.

He had more fun splashing on the water on the floor than he did actually being in the pool.

I'm really going to miss not being able to capture these fun times when I'm on a different campus next year :-(

 Dylan loves kicking his soccer ball around!

He also bought a new water table with some birthday money (thanks Grandma & Grandpa Mitchell!) so this should keep him pretty busy this summer as well!

Dylan and I are so excited to have the summer off together. Keith works until Thursday, so he can join us in our summer freedom on Friday. We don't have too much planned for summer yet, but Dylan's 1st baseball game, swimming lessons, countless trips to the Rosemeade water park and Little Elm beach, and a family vacation somewhere are definitely on our list though. We can't spend too many days sitting around doing nothing, because the summer will be over before we know it!

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