Our morning at the Stockyards

I've been really trying to take advantage of this summer with Dylan and take him to as many places as I can, while he's in that "wow, cool!" stage. It's an adventure whenever we go out! I've never been to the Fort Worth Stockyards, so last week we acted like tourists and checked it out.

Loved these spices and I even tried a bottled Dr. Pepper! It was a little too sweet for my taste...

Here come the cattle!!! Yee-ha!

I can never pass up a fun railroad pic!

Afterwards we went downtown for lunch...

We've been working on potty training with Dylan this past week. The first 2 days were rough and we cleaned A LOT of pee from the floors (like Anna said, so thankful for the hardwood floors downstairs!), but Dylan has been doing so much better about telling us when he has to go BEFORE and not DURING. He's still using a diaper during nap-time/bedtime and when we go out, however most of those diapers have been staying pretty dry. Even if he's not 100% potty-trained by the time he goes back to school, we're still so proud of him!!!

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