Painting and fish!!!

A couple of days ago while Keith was out running, Dylan was going through his coloring bin and pulled out the paints...so we painted! Unfortunately I was so distracted by trying to get my camera in the correct settings (shooting in Manual, like a big girl!) and didn't realize the "fun" he was having.

The real fun started when he realized that the paint would splash everywhere when he would clap his hands...

It was much worst after this, believe me! I think the best part was when Keith got home and thought the paint was blood... Fun night :-)

For Dylan's birthday (2 months ago) I wanted to get him a fish (like Elmo on Elmo's World) but we never actually got around to getting it for him...until last night! I really wanted to get him a goldfish, but the guy at PetsMart said goldfish are better off in big tanks and we were only getting a bowl...so we went with a betta. No one was more excited about the fish than the cat...no one!

Welcome to our family, little fish with no name yet!

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  1. These are adorable!!! Gotta get you to teach me the ways of the manual mode, friend :). Looks awesome!