Stay-cation at Great Wolf Lodge Resort

Because Dylan didn't do as well as I had planned in the car during our Spring Break road trip, I was nervous about going anywhere too far away for our summer vacation. We were initially planning on visiting the beautiful beaches of Florida, and I'm sure he would've done fine in the car for 8-10 hours (with a few pit stops along the way) but just thinking about the chance that he may not do well or even hate the beach (he HATES the feeling of sand on his feet) seriously stressed me out...I think we'll stick to the beach on Lake Lewisville that's close to home! We started looking into the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine and figured that would be a fun stay-cation that Dylan would love. Keith's family joined us and we had a fun couple of days in our amazing 2-bedroom suite!

Dylan was so excited to go play in the water!

"Paw Paw, I'm so excited!"

"Aunt Zee Zee, I'm so excited!!"

I didn't get a lot of pictures in the water park, but I also didn't want to accidentally drop my camera in the water...

Dylan had to make a few calls. He loved the suite, he kept running between all the bedrooms, turning all of the TV's on and off, and looking out the window at the airplanes flying by.

He took a 3-hour nap on the 2nd day we were there and we actually had to wake him up...swimming really takes it out of the little guy!

"I will NOT take a picture with this stupid cupcake bear!"

He tried stealing the penny the wolf was holding...he starting pulling it, saying "MINE!"
(oh, how I love the "mine" stage!)

Where's Stacey?!?!

There she is!!!

One more "hoorah" in the water before leaving :-(

Can't leave without one more "15 minutes" in the hot tub!

We had so much fun with everyone, and the 15 minute drive home afterwards was priceless! So many thanks to Keith's family for driving up and vacationing with us!!!

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