Before Baby #2 *UPDATED*

Seeing as how Keira (Baby #2) is only 5 weeks away, I thought I would update my list and see how much I was actually able to accomplish that I wanted to...

  • Finish paying off my student loans
    • DONE! Paid off last July!
  • Potty-train Dylan
    • DONE! He actually went potty completely independently this weekend...freaked us out to hear him in there peeing when neither one of us was in there with him!
  • Take a photography class
    • *sigh*, not done :-( However I have a few in mind to take this summer from Clickin Moms...
  • Buy a new camera lens
    • DONE!
  • Take Dylan to Sea World
    • Not done...our plan to do it last Spring Break didn't pan out...
  • Redecorate Dylan's room, possibly with a new "big boy" bed if we decided to reuse the crib
    • DONE! I'll get around to some pics soon!
  • Take a long family vacation somewhere far away
    • Not done :-( We'll just save up for a super fun one for the 4 of us :-)
  • Start a "Marshall Family" scrapbook
    • DONE! Started...just not finished...
  • I want Keith to get a new computer...he really needs a new one
    • DONE! He's loving his new iMac!
  • Clean out the closets in Dylan's room and guest bedroom...there's no space anywhere!
    • DONE! We weren't able to clean out the entire closet in Keira's room (Keith has too many "memories"), but at least she has half of her closet.
  • Have a weekend getaway with Keith
    • *sigh* not done :-( It's probably too late for it now, but hopefully one day...
  • And cherish every moment I have with Keith and Dylan...my boys :-)
    • I would like to think of it as a continuing project, but I'll definitely have to pay close attention to this one for the next few weeks...my boys are everything to me!
So unfortunately not everything was accomplished, but life won't be over when Keira gets here...there's still plenty of time to do the rest on my list (I'll just have to do them with an adorable newborn attached to me 24/7...wouldn't have it any other way). A recent sonogram showed that she was still in breech position, but luckily everything is looking great, and thankfully my fluid levels are looking better. She's currently measuring 5lbs, 4oz, and it doesn't look like she'll be the 9 1/2 lbs baby Dylan was. And at last glance, she has a full head of dark hair, like Big Brother was born with...so curious to see if she'll look anything like him! Now, here are a couple of pics, because every post has to have some Dylan in it!

Playing in the leaves!!!

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