Dylan's "Big Boy" Room!

I finally got around to getting some pictures of Dylan's new "big boy" room! I was worried he wouldn't like having the crib in another room and giving him a huge bed (huge compared to the crib/toddler bed he was used to), but he seems to love his new room!

This was his room before...

...and after!!!

Its "outer space/rocket" themed...Daddy picked it out! :-)

Cute bedding/lamp from Target...

Dylan has SO many books and he loves reading them all...we're still using his growth chart and he's growing like a weed!

The table/chairs are from IKEA and Dylan likes to sit and play with his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, or color (the boxes on the table have paper and crayons), or play with his Play-Doh! He'll also sit at his piano and play along with songs on his iPod...

Welcome to Dylan's room!!!

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