Month 9 and Baby Shower

Another take!

This past weekend Keith's parents came up to visit and his mom invited some of my friends to lunch to celebrate Keira...it was extremely thoughtful of her and we had a great time swapping baby stories and sharing advice.

Thank you all for coming and being a part of our lives!

And "thank you" to my mother-in-law for everything she's done for us! She's so excited to be a grandma again!!!

I'm getting very uncomfortable and desperate to get Keira out as soon as I can. She'll be full-term on Tuesday and I plan on being ready for her anytime after that. My blood pressure has been on the rise and I'm hoping for some bed-rest in the near future. This weekend I want to finish up the nursery, finish out the registry, get our hospital bags packed, and get everything washed and where it needs to go...the countdown has begun!

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