Dylan's 3rd Birthday Party

Dylan had so much fun at his indoor pool party...so much fun that he had a tantrum when we were done with the swimming. That boy loves him some pool time, so that's why I figured a pool party would be a hit...I'm so happy he had such a good time.

First, some of Dylan's birthday pictures :-)

The morning of Dylan's party I tried getting Keira to nap in her swing and Dylan gave her his Gloworm to help...such a good big brother!

Thomas invites from Etsy...

With all of Dylan's favorite foods...Chick-fil-A nuggets, pretzels, Goldfish, Bar-B-Que chips, Chips Ahoy cookies, and apple juice (only thing missing is some macaroni and cheese)

I love this cake! Elizabeth's Cakes in Plano never ceases to amaze me!

Keira was Grandma S while everyone was swimming...

Swimming with his best bud, Jackson

Keira and her PawPaw!

Keira with Grandma B...

In her Thomas dress...having a little girl is so much fun :-)

Birthday party tantrum!!!

Back home opening presents! More trains!

Yoshi from Uncle Joey :-)

His favorite present..thanks Cara!

New soccer goal...thanks Aunt Jackie!

Keira with Grandpa B...

Thanks for the sandbox, Grandma & Grandpa S!

Dylan had a great day and we're so happy that everyone was able to fly and drive in to help celebrate with him. He's such a "lucky dog" ;-)

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