Keira Addyson - 2 Months

Keira is 2 months! This month she started daycare and she has done so well (and so have I). She's still not sleeping very much at school and comes home extremely tired and cranky...its not my favorite part of the day, but once she has her bath and eats, she's out. Taking her outside usually helps to calm her down. The past few nights she's been sleeping 8 hours straight at night and we're loving it! She's still sleeping in our room, but we plan to move her upstairs once summer vacation is here (in 4 more weeks!!!).

She's currently in her 3 month clothes. The only "toys" she really enjoys right now is laying on her activity mat and the little toys that dangle from her carseat. After bath, she also likes to lay in her crib and look up at her mobile while listening to her Gloworm sing to her. At her 2 month appointment her measurements were 11 lbs, 4 oz for weight (50%), and 22 1/2 inches for height (25-50%). Dylan has always measured in the 75+% for everything, so it surprises me to see little sister measuring average for weight/height. Dr. Coco said she looked great and was surprised how well she could hold her head up already. Dylan's gross motor skills were always a little behind, so this was good to hear. Unfortunately, the next day she had her 1st fever because of her shots. She is still cooing and I always hear her talking on our way home from school...probably trying to tell Dylan all about her day (who is too busy singing and eating his Goldfish). Keira also had her 1st train ride when we went to go visit Thomas the Tank Engine in Grapevine. She is smiling more and more and it melts our hearts every time. On to Month 3... 

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