Keira Addyson - 4 Months

Keira turned 4 months yesterday! Today she went in to go see Dr. Coco and she is currently at 15lb 7oz for weight (75%) and 24 1/4 inches for height (50%). Dr. Coco said that at 4 months is the thinnest her hair is going to get, and she still has a ton of hair on that pretty little head! She is now able to roll from her tummy to her back, and from her back to her tummy consistently. This month we introduced her to her excersaucer and bouncer and she loves playing in both, and loves it even more when Dylan plays with her. She still loves watching Dylan play and gets so excited when he gives her any attention...so far Dylan's loving it, we'll see how it goes in 10 years. She is also getting better about sitting with the Boppy around her to support her. Dr. Coco was very impressed with her sitting and said it's more of a 6-month skill. I hope she's sitting up by the time she goes back to school. Unfortunately she's really started teething this month and it hasn't been easy on any of us. She hasn't drooled too much but she's been extremely fussy, and she's usually not a fussy baby (unless it's bedtime). We've also had a little bit of sleep regression lately (waking up in the middle of the night or being up at 4am or 5am when she used to sleep in until 6am), but most of the time she's still sleeping great...her napping could use some work though. We weren't sure if it was because of the teething or because she was hungry and it was time for her to start on some solids. Dr. Coco recommended we wait until she's closer to 6 month before trying any solids. Keira also had her 1st trip to Dallas this month on the train and she did so well. She's slowly starting to notice her toys, but usually just wants to watch Dylan play with his :-)

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