End of Summer/Back to School Wrap-Up!

Phew, so much to catch up on! Let's not waste any time...

Dylan inherited the musical gene...

Dylan and I wanted to go feed some duckies since we haven't come by to visit all summer...but they were no where to be found! He even brought a friend to play with them :-(

I see you!

First day of school!

"Keira, we're at school!"

"Look Ms. Chelsea, Keira is at school too!"...*mommy and daddy try sneaking away, Dylan cries*

Playing with Jackson at the pool!

Working on his car, with a stranded Gloworm in tow...Keira playing with her toys on the new blanket I made her. Go me!

And everyone updated their carseats...Dylan loves his! And Keira loves going to school because Ms. Nancy does her hair everyday...so pampered (and a little spoiled)!

At night Keira plays us a couple of her faves on the piano...tip jar coming soon...

And getting a pic of my precious has been pretty hard lately since she ALWAYS wants to grab my phone!

Today we had so much fun at Bridget's birthday party!

Dylan even rode a go-kart all by himself for the first time and did awesome...

The kids have adjusted very well to going back to school. Dylan had a few rough morning at first, but once it's in his routine, he's good to go. Keira is so active and playful at school...so happy everyday. I'm just glad being at work means I'm not out or online shopping! :-) Looking forward to the fall season...

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