Quick Update (Sept 2013)

Again, life has been insanely crazy lately so I haven't had any time to update everyone on what we've been up to, so here's a quick one!

Playtime for Keira (and mommy...still trying to figure out my new camera)


Yummy blueberries!

The weather was AMAZING this past weekend so the kiddos and I walked to the park and Keira enjoyed the swing for the first time!

PawPaw visited this weekend, so that warranted a visit to the "big park"!

Swinging with PawPaw :-)

Sad times on the playground :-/

Last night we went to Polk's football game since the band was performing and since Dylan's BFF Jackson would be there cheering on his daddy too (the head football coach). Of course I had to make the kids some band shirts...

Dylan took this great pic of Jackson and his mommy :-)

And here's Jackson and Dylan dancing to the band ...love these two!

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