Keira Addyson - 6 months

Happy half-birthday, little one! I can't believe it's been 6 months since we welcomed you into our crazy family. This month Keira started trying some vegetables (peas and carrots). She doesn't like them by themselves but loves them when mixed with oatmeal. Keira also went back to school this month (since mommy and daddy had to go back to work, boo) and she loves playing with all the other babies in her class (and getting her hair did by Ms. Nancy). She is still teething and drooling, but no teeth yet. But luckily it seems we've passed our sleep regression phase and Keira is sleeping through the night again, wahoo! Ms. Nancy is working hard with her crawling at school and she's able to stay on all fours for a few seconds. On her tummy she can go around in circles, just not in any forward or backward motions yet. Keira also upgraded to a new carseat and she seems to like it so far. Her measurements at her recent appointment were 17lbs 14oz for weight and 26 in for height. Stop growing, little one!

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