Keira Addyson - 8 Months

Keira has had a very active month! She started crawling about 3 weeks ago and is now going non-stop...and she's fast! Dylan never crawled so we're still trying to get used to this. And if that wasn't enough, she's also started pulling up and cruising on furniture...ahh! Slow down! She's getting pretty excited about finally being able to keep up with Dylan (he's not). Keira started eating cookies and rice crackers and loves them, but still has no interest in her sippy cup.

Keira also tries stacking blocks now and loves to knock towers over. She is such a happy baby and laughs at everything. She has also started saying "mamma" over and over again. I don't think she says it with the purpose of calling me, but it's still cute to hear. She's recently also started saying "dadada". She's started napping in her crib more, which is has been nice. She still has no teeth, but teething has been in full swing because she's gone back from sleeping through the night to waking up once or twice every night and will not go back to sleep unless it's on us or in bed with us. It doesn't help that Dylan and Keira keep passing their colds back and forth to each other. We're trying really hard to break this habit, yet we also want to sleep. Keira also celebrated her 1st Halloween and dressed up as Tinkerbell!

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