Our October...

Wow, it's been a REALLY long time! As always, Keith's work schedule gets crazy this month and it's left me with little to any "free time" to get the non-essentials done...yes, blogging is a non-essential in my life...but not taking pictures! So here we go...

My kid's fashion: Dylan in his new shades (my sunglasses) and Keira ready for the cold weather!

Cruising around with Big Brother!

Loving some cookie :-)

"Mommy, I'm coming!"

She loves playing on Dylan's piano...

 Playing at the Perot Museum for Drew's Birthday party!

Playtime in Dylan's room in their PJ's!

Keith was really busy this month (as he always is during the month of October) and especially the week of Halloween. Usually we carve out our pumpkins, but with Keith not being home that week and me not really wanting to deal with the mess carving 3 pumpkins (with an infant and a toddler...Pass!) I decided we would paint our pumpkins instead. They didn't look as cool, but at least it was an easy clean-up!
Taking a picture of his pumpkin...

Keira's handprint on her pumpkin :-)

This year for Halloween Dylan decided he wanted to be Fireman Sam and Keira was Tinkerbell. Dylan had a Halloween party at school (which he was so excited for and later decided he wanted nothing to do with) and in the evening we met up with James and Jackson to do some Trick-or-Treating. I love how every year the boys get more and more into it...Dylan actually ate some candy! And next year, Keira will be running right behind them :-)

Even though Keira's class didn't have a party, Ms. Nancy still dressed them up for some fun!

Dylan and James at their 1st house...

"Come on James!!!"

A little bit later, Jackson joined us on the fun...

Keira's 1st Halloween!

Unfortunately, 2 weeks ago, I was rear-ended on my way to work and my car has been in the shop ever since. I'm hopeful it'll be ready by next week (maybe even by the end of this week), but in the mean time I stalked every Enterprise in the DFW area trying to find a Camry to rent...I was so out of my element in anything other than a Toyota. Even thouhg I've fallen in love with my rental, I still miss my RAV-4 dearly and can't wait to get it back!

And that was our October...we are ready for the 2013 holiday season!!!

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