Our November Recap

I'm seriously waiting for life to slow down a little...and it won't! November started out a little crazy with Keith working a lot of evenings and weekends and my work getting busier and busier. But luckily the kids were happy and healthy :-)

Keira and I tried out a Gymboree class and she loved it! Unfortunately we don't have any time to fit a class into our schedule right now, but hopefully soon!

Keira's happy...Dylan pouts...just part of our "everyday".

Then I made the kids a ball pit to help keep Keira entertained...Dylan liked it more...

For Keith's birthday we went to Top Golf with the Hyde's and the boys (the little ones and the big ones) had a blast.

Selfies with mommy!

Keira managed to wedge herself between a table and the couch...Dylan helping Daddy put up my new curtains...

Then the kids got sick... First it was Keira with a pretty bad double ear infection. She was out a day and a half and looked awful. Then, last weekend, Dylan started urinating literally every 1-2 minutes. He wasn't complaining of any pain and seemed to be my usual Dylan, but we couldn't go anywhere because as soon as we got in the car, he'd have to go again. We went to the dr and the UA was negative for a UTI, so we were sent home with instructions to "wait it out" and give him Tylenol for any discomfort. The rest of the day and the next were spent the same...with us stuck at home and Dylan running to the bathroom to pee ALL DAY LONG. Sunday night Dylan couldn't fall asleep because he kept saying he had to potty, except this time he actually did look sick, so we rushed him to the ER clinic where another UA came back negative. Luckily the ER doctor decided to prescribe us an antibiotic anyway and within the next 2 days he was still going often, but not nearly as much as before. Problem solved, right? Nope...in addition to the frequent urination, Dylan also started fighting us at bath time, having tantrums at bedtime, and saying he didn't want to go to school anymore, all totally uncharacteristic for him. Was this all due to the possible UTI? Or were all of these behaviors due to stress or anxiety, also causing the frequent urination? I've come to realize that Dylan has A LOT of anxiety, probably more than the usual 3-year old should have, to the point where it can affect his daily life (class parties, haircuts, dr visits), but I have no idea how to help him with it. Even talking about it in advance and giving him fair warning doesn't help. I couldn't figure it out and I was literally driving myself crazy over this. I didn't eat for 3 days and my anxiety level was at an all-time high (gee, is that where Dylan gets it from?!?!). I couldn't explain his sudden odd behavior at home (since nothing at home was different) and wasn't sure if something happened at school. Thankfully the director at his school and Dylan's teachers (past and present) were able to meet with me on such a short notice and let me voice my concerns and ask my questions. But most importantly, I just needed to talk/vent (and cry) and they let me do that, and they listened to me. I really needed that. They also reassured me that Dylan is doing great at school, aside from his usual quirks. Dylan has slowly gotten better. He's peeing on his usual schedule again...he's still refusing a bath, so now we do quick showers...and he'll still whine and say he needs to go potty before nap/bedtime, but we're attributing that to avoidance behaviors and give him the chance to go "one more time". Overall, almost back to normal! Did he really have a UTI and it just wasn't showing up in any labs? Who knows...the nurse who works at my school used to work for a urologist and she said it's definitely possible. Of course she also warned me that if it comes back, it could mean something worst, so I feel like I've been stalking him in the bathroom, making sure he's really doing/feeling okay. To say it was a stressful week for me is an understatement, especially since work wasn't slowing down either. So so happy to be off for a week with my babies! And Keira is doing better too, just dealing with a lingering cough and some congestion. We're working on getting her to sleep through the night in her crib again...she prefers to snuggle with mommy and daddy at night instead. Which is why we're so exhausted...but its okay, as long as both of my babies are happy and healthy again!

Enjoying some donuts after being home all weekend...and buying a cup for himself with money from Grandma B!

Love this pic that Dylan took!

We had a great visit from my parents and Jackie this past weekend and now we're getting ready for Thanksgiving. Our house is all decorated and ready for Christmas...with everything that has gone on the past 2 months, there is still SO MUCH to be thankful for :-)

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