Dylan's Spring 2014 Soccer Season

Well, the soccer season finally came to an end! It was a bummer that I didn't get to see very much of it since I spent most of my time trying to keep Keira preoccupied and from running on to the field (when does her season start?!?!), but it was SO fun getting to watch Dylan try something new. We definitely had our rough days/games, but overall, I'm so happy he had this experience. Keith signed him up for the summer season, with games in the mornings, thankfully, so we'll see how he does during the next season...and without Jackson :-/

Dylan's soccer pictures, since he refused to take them with his team during Picture Day...

Jackson showing Keira off the field...and she's NOT happy!

After almost every game we came to McAlister's for dinner...

Dylan selfie!

Video of Dylan's last game...so proud of him!

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