Week in the Life

It took me a while to finally do another "Week in the Life" blog and it was really hard to keep up, as I had expected. But I managed to pull it off, so here we go!

Friday, September 16th: It finally rained in North Texas! And Dylan, I mean Batman, was super excited to see it!!! I had to attach the video...it's too cute :)

Saturday, September 17th: We went to Addison's Oktoberfest for the first time this year. Now I'm not too crazy about German food, but Dylan seemed to enjoy the bratwurst and they at least had some hamburgers. He also loved the bounce house in the "Fun Zone"!

Sunday, September 18th: Today we decided to head over to Castle Hills, grab some ice cream, and have a picnic by their lake. Dylan had fun running around and watching the ducks. And mommy enjoyed her banana split (and not sharing it, either)!!

Monday, September 19th: I didn't realize until about 9pm that I had not taken a picture today, so Hooch finally makes an appearance! This is his "I'm taking my bath, so get that stupid camera out of my face" look...

Tuesday, September 20th: Payday!!! Keith had a dentist appointment after school so Dylan and I went on a date to Chili's. This was taken before he begin screaming his head off and tantruming in front of everyone...not my best "mommy" moment...

Wednesday, September 21st: Dylan has started getting interested in what we do and wants to help or try to do it himself. So we've given him the job of feeding he cat and he loves it. All I have to say is "Dylan, let's go feed kitty" and he knows exactly where to go and what to do. I can't wait until all I have to say is "Dylan, wash mommy's car" :)

Thursday, September 22nd: The weather was so amazing today that we decided to stop at the park after school. And of course, Dylan was more interested in playing with the light pole than playing with the playground equipment.

Friday, September 23rd: 1st Day of Fall!!! I was so excited that I figured it was time for pumpkin shirts! The best time of the year is starting...finally!

So that was a week in our life...hope you enjoyed! :)

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