Yea for birthdays!

Going to birthday parties are so much more fun now that Dylan can move around independently and is able to keep up with other kids! Today we were invited to Bridget's birthday party and had a blast. Keith knows Bridget's daddy from college and then some...both trombone players (music ed majors), Jonathan student taught with Keith, Jonathan works with one of Keith's good friends, and they play disc golf occasionally. Keith also knows Bridget's mommy because they both taught fine arts in C-FB. Now I know Bridget's mommy because we worked at the same school briefly for a year, even though I technically knew her before then. Not to mention they live like 5 minutes from us...with a history like that, how are Dylan and Bridget not destined to be together?!?!?! :)

I loved the "bee" theme with all the yellow...very well presented Anna!

They even had a bounce house!!! Dylan's first, and he had a blast :)

He hasn't quite figured out how to jump yet, so he mainly sat and enjoyed bouncing up and down to the others jumping.

It also gave you crazy hair because of the static...check out Bridget's hair after coming out! Precious!

My boy never says "no" to food...even if it means sitting at the table alone.

Yea, a friend joined him! I think she just felt bad for him though...pity dates already :(

Birthday girl in her adorable "bee" dress...

Dylan socializing with the bigger kids..."so are we hittin' up the mall after this or just chillin' at Starbucks instead?"

Thank you so much the invite Anna, Jonathan, and Bridget! Unfortunately Dylan and I are both fighting colds right now, so Keith decided to escape the germs and go to UNT's 1st home game tonight...he's so excited about his season tickets this year! So Dylan and I had a fun dinner at Chick-fil-A, went shopping for some fall clothes for him at Old Navy, and walked around Michael's for a bit while I tried to decide what I wanted to make...I walked out empty handed but I'm really excited about making a UNT wreath for the front door. Perhaps the mood will strike again tomorrow!

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