More Birthdays!!!

Yesterday Dylan and I were so thankful to have been invited to Mason's 1st birthday party! I went to grad school with Mason's mommy, Miranda, and we've kept in touch. She's an amazing mother to an amazing little boy! And we were so excited that it was at Gymboree!!! In case you haven't heard about how I feel about Gymboree, I love it and I think it did great things for Dylan's gross motor development. Keith couldn't come with us because UNT had a home game last night, but the good thing is that Rodger came into town this weekend to go to the game with Keith, so we've had fun visiting with him (and Dylan especially loves when Grandpa S. bring presents with him!).

When we walked in we were so surprised and excited to see that David was going to be teaching Mason's birthday party...David was Dylan's Gymboree teacher this summer and we LOVE him! I think Dylan was a little overwhelmed with all the new people so he was very clingy and cried a bit at first, which is NOT like him at all. But he eventually warmed up and had a great time!
Dylan being scared and anti-social at first...

Dylan loves playing with (eating) the waffle balls....

"Mommy, everyone is so silly!!!"

Dylan and Mason cleaning up!

Birthday Boy :)

Here's Dylan, killing it on the dance floor!!!

Dylan leading Mason's Birthday Parade with David, our favorite teacher!

Bubbles and Parachute Time!

My boy loves a good snack time...

"Happy Birthday..."

After the party Dylan & I enjoyed a walk around the neighborhood in his wagon and he completely wore me out. It was such an exhausting day but a great one...Happy Birthday Mason, we had such a fun time!

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  1. I think Dylan was hiding in that first picture because he didn't want everyone to figure out his secret super identity!!