Hooray for Fall!!!

I really don't think anybody is more excited about fall finally being here than me. I love the cooler weather, the warmer colors, the pumpkins everywhere, and just knowing that the holidays are just a couple of months away. Fall makes my heart happy and soothes my soul :)

We have all kept pretty busy the past couple of weeks. Keith's been busy with football games, numerous band functions, and UNT football. I've kept busy taking care of Dylan while Keith is busy with everything else. And as much as I wish I could have some help sometimes when he's away, I also love the bond Dylan and I have created by spending so much alone time together. But we've also stayed busy with visiting grandparents!

Two weekends ago Rodger came up for a couple of days so he could go to a UNT football game with Keith and since he had a work meeting in Dallas. So of course Dylan had to "drag" him to his favorite park.

The next weekend Patricia came up since she had to miss out on the trip with Rodger, and everyone loves visiting Dylan! He showed her the other park he likes to go to at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. We had fun visiting with her too!

Dylan's been fighting the snuffles and an occasional cough for about a week now, but unfortunately he woke up with a slight fever yesterday. We had to postpone our family pictures because he looked pretty awful, but we figured we'd try the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch anyway. He did really good for about an hour, but he definitely started slowing down and was miserable by the end. He actually fell asleep in the car on the way home, and he never sleeps in the car!

Dylan wasn't too sure what to think about having to sit on the little wagon...mainly because he didn't fit!

It was overcast all morning, so we all came out looking pretty pale in our pictures.

Gloworm had to come too!

He loved running through the aisles of pumpkins! Unfortunately he slipped a lot on the random rocks on the ground and at one point took a pretty bad tumble with Gloworm on some hefty dirt. It took a lot of wipes to get Gloworm looking decent, but not great. Keith thinks we should buy him a new one, I think it just adds to the memories...

Dylan's first hayride! It was bumpy, but he loved it.

By this point Dylan was exhausted...I think I took about 40 pictures alone in this particular patch and only came out with one of him smiling. He really wasn't in a smiling mood :(

Done with the pumpkin patch and ready to go home, with some pumpkins in tow!

After Dylan woke up from his nap he still didn't look very good and didn't feel like eating much. But thankfully he was starting to look better by the afternoon. After a fun trip to Target I decided to stop by the lake in Castle Hills so Dylan could walk around for a few minutes. It was a good thing we stopped because the ducks were on the lawn saying "hi" to everyone...Dylan was so excited to see them!

"Hello Mr. Duck!"

Today we were invited to Gianna's 1st birthday party. Keith has been working with Gianna's dad, Brian, for 6 years and the Palmers are such an amazing family. We were so happy when we found out they'd be having another baby last year, mainly because she'd be so close in age to Dylan...another potential Mrs. Dylan Marshall perhaps?? :)

This baby was 2-3 months younger than Dylan...my boy looks like a beast compared to him!!! And yes, Dylan's shirt has a tie...gotta look good for the Mrs!

He was preoccupied by the rain...its been SO long!

And Dylan serenading the birthday girl, who was in the other room. I'm pretty sure she heard it, right?!

Happy Birthday Gianna!

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