My poor baby and his cast

I took Dylan in for his cast on Monday. He did surprisingly better this time (probably because he was well rested and not hungry) which helped me. After some more X-rays ($$$) we met with the orthopedist who said Dylan would need a cast but only for 3 weeks, yea!
And he said they encourage him to walk on the leg because it increases the blood flow and speeds up the recovery process. However that meant his leg would be completely straight, unlike the splint that at least had his knee slightly bent which helped him to crawl. So now he's trying to learn how to move around with the full-leg cast and he is getting extremely frustrated...and I don't blame him at all. I've heard Dylan screaming from down the hall at daycare and he has cried everyday on our way home from school. I know he's not in pain because the orthopedist said he shouldn't be in any unless his cast slips, which we are all closely watching. Lately his tantrums have been like no other and it's really hard to watch him so upset when I know I can't do anything to help him. I can offer him cookies, my iPad, toys, juice, Gloworm, and all the hugs and snuggles I can give and nothing will work. Sometimes I just have to make sure he's safely laying on the floor (because he'll get so upset he'll throw his head back and that only makes things worst, so I make sure he goes down slowly) and walk away. I just have to let him be mad, I have to let him let off some steam by kicking, rolling around, screaming his head off, because if it were me, I'd probably need to do the same thing. Sometimes you just have to be mad in order to feel better, and after 5 minutes he does...he calms down and I have my Happy Dylan back. This hasn't been easy for him or I (especially since Keith's worked 3 nights in a row this week) but I think we're doing great and I love that I can be there for him when he needs his mommy.
Going for walks in his wagon cheer him up though!

Unfortunately he's been having the same frustrations at school, but I think just being out of the house and being able to play with his friends helps a lot. He's not able to play on the playground, which makes me sad because he LOVES the playground, but luckily they won't be out too much longer with the cooler weather on the way. I hate the thought of him missing out on outdoor recess. Dylan is also starting to be aggresive with his friends at school. We think he's just so frustrated that he's taking it out on the other kids, and that really worries me. :( And what are the odds that he wouldn't be the only kid in his class in a cast...unfortunately one of his friends got hurt this weekend and now he's in an arm cast, those poor teachers! Apparently it hasn't been a good week for anybody. We all hope for a safe and speedy recovery for everyone! :)

Wednesday night I had the idea of seeing if Dylan would walk using his walker...he loved it! He was so happy to get to move again! He's now starting to cruise along the walls and take a few independent steps. Again, I'm so proud of my little guy.

I also received our family pictures from the very talented Sara Barnes...I love them and can't wait to order our Christmas cards!

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