Our Weekend!

I love how summertime makes me blog more...don't I have anything else to do!?!? Actually, I really do. I've really slipped on keeping the house clean and tidy, but who wants to clean house when I can play with Dylan! Besides, with the in-laws visiting in a couple of days, and my parents the week after that, that's all the motivation I need to get started. Now, on to our weekend!

Snuggling with Elmo while watching some Saturday morning TV (probably Oprah's interview with the Kardashian's that I had DVRed)

Practicing with some natural light...such a model!

So Dylan is now obsessed with taking pictures! I'm letting him use my old digital camera and he loves it...and yes, that's Keith in the back with a firefighter hat on...

On Saturday we went to Plano for the Firefighter's Birthday Party (thanks for the tip, Cara!). Dylan finally got to see a firetruck up close.

We've been meaning to take Dylan to Founder's Plaza at DFW Airport to go watch the airplanes take-off and land, so after dinner in Grapevine we finally did.

I was so excited I had my 70-200mm lens with me to get some cool close-ups!

Waving "hi"...welcome to Dallas!

Dylan has one more week left of swimming class and next week we're going to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge for a couple of days with Keith's family. We're excited for our Stay-cation! :-)

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  1. Yay, staycation!!! You'll have a blast!!! And you might tear up when you see Dylan go up the stairs to the three little kid slides all by himself...no adults allowed up there :(. Sniff, sniff! Glad your summer is going so well!