Birthday/Father's Day Weekend

Well we definitely had ourselves a busy weekend! Saturday was my birthday and it started off with a fun trip to Target and Elizabeth's Bakery in Plano to pick out my birthday cake! I ended up choosing a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and a layer of chocolate ganache filling...YUM! After some presents, cake, and fun family time with my guys we headed off to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner...YUM YUM!! It was a great day! :)

Today was Father's Day...Keith's 2nd Father's Day. I was so excited to give Keith his present so Dylan and I gave it to him around 6:30am. I decided to splurge a little and get him an iPad. I knew he wanted one and he really did deserve it being the amazing father he is to Dylan everyday. Although I clearly stated to him that he probably would not be getting much for his birthday and maybe a box of Cracker Jacks for Christmas this year...hopefully it'll be worth it! We spent the rest of the day taking Dylan to the park in his wagon, going to lunch at Uncle Julio's and taking a stroll through the mall. Overall, another great day!

You gotta love Shutterfly!!!!

My next task is trying to get us all ready for our summer trip visiting all the grandparents. I'm all sort of nervous about traveling with Dylan for the first time and especially for being away from home for so long. Everyone tells me "not to worry" and "he'll be fine"...sorry, but I'm mommy and I get to worry all I want. But I'm really hoping this trip goes well, and I won't be afraid to cut it short if it doesn't! I really don't mean to sound negative and nasty...Ah, the nerves!!! :/ I'm also going to be purchasing a new lens in the coming week (just in time for vay-cay) and I'm very excited about it!!! Can't wait to try it out at the beach...

By the way, this is Dylan's new favorite hobby...racing mommy & daddy up the stairs when it's time for bath. That and crawling...my baby boy is finally crawling!!! :)

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