Houston Aquarium

Today we took Dylan to go visit the fish at the Downtown Houston Aquarium. After a quick bite for lunch and averting some Houston traffic we finally met Stacey there. Dylan loved watching all the fish and pointing to his favorites. 

And here's the fish that was Ursula's "poor, precious poopsie" (from The Little Mermaid)...

Obviously Dylan had a lot of favorite fish that he saw!!!

At one point in the aquarium there was a room where we could pet certain fish. I was surprised that I actually touched a sting ray, but even Dylan touch one!

We also rode on a train that took us around the grounds and in a tunnel that was surrounded by a shark tank. It was fun and Dylan enjoyed the ride...plus a fresh break from the heat.

Once it started getting a bit hot outside Grandma S took Dylan to the shade while Keith, Stacey, and I rode on the ferris wheel. Then we took Dylan back in the air-conditioned building while Keith rode one more ride.

Even though it was a warm day and we were all pretty beat when we made it back home, we had a lot of fun and Dylan enjoyed every minute! Tomorrow we make our 5-hour drive to Brownsville to visit my family and the beach. I hate making Dylan spend so much time in the car so often, but we'll be home soon enough and he seems to be enjoying his first vacation so far!

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