Summer vacation continued....

Well we have all definitely been enjoying our time at home together. We have gotten in a great routine and it seems like Dylan is learning and exploring more everyday. He's still not walking independently (which I'm okay with) but is crawling like a mad man. He is walking when pushing objects and loves climbing any flight of stairs he can find.

He's also finally discovered his Italian side and will eat pasta for every meal if I let him. Which is actually great because I would too!

We left this morning for Houston and the car ride was about what I thought it would be...quite a bit of crying and NO sleeping. Dylan managed to fall asleep for about 2 minutes and wouldn't sleep the rest of the way, even after we stopped at Sonic in Fairfield for a snack  and a some quick fun in their playground. Luckily I had decided to sit in the back with him so I was able to keep him relatively calm and happy (when he wasn't trying to "hulk" himself out of his car seat). Plus Gloworm was along for the ride to help keep him happy :)

We ended up making it without any problems and Dylan enjoyed his first day at Grandma & Grandpa's house. He was welcomed with new toys and even pet their new puppy, Rory. We'll be in Houston until Tuesday when we make our way down to Brownsville to visit more grandparents and Dylan will take his first trip to the beach. Should be fun!!!

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