Dylan's First Steps!

Well after many, many months of worrying, Dylan has finally taken his first steps and was walking clear across the room last night! Keith and I have been working with him on getting him to walk back and forth between us, but he would usually take only about 2-3 steps (which was still great!). Yesterday we were working on it some more before dinner and we noticed he was able to go longer and would even pause and stand on his own for about a second or two...we were ecstatic! We met Rodger for dinner (he's in Fort Worth for some meetings) and when we can back home we had Dylan show off his new moves.

Well, to our pleasant surprise, he was able to walk between Keith and Grandpa, who were sitting at opposite ends of the living room.  We were beyond happy and proud of him...it was like a huge weight was lifting off of our shoulders.

I so wanted Dylan to be able to walk before going back to school, and before he turned 15 months most importantly, but it wasn't looking that way at all. As Dr. Coco said, "it's just his personality"...or in other words, we have a lazy baby. In my head I was already planning out where I would take him for his PT eval, how we would juggle therapy once school started again, even asking daycare to keep him in the infant class because I didn't think he'd be ready for the demands of the toddler class. I know I was getting way ahead of myself, but I was extremely worried! For months I've been reading on Facebook about other's babies standing independently, taking steps, and walking...babies born AFTER Dylan, and frankly, it made me angry and sick to my stomach to read it. Not to mention seeing other babies younger than him at Gymboree walking and running clear across the gym (and then their parents laughing at his unusual "butt scoot"...I understand that it was all in good fun, but it still bothered me). And even though I had so many great friends tell me not to worry, reassuring me that it'll happen when he's ready, a part of me still cried deep down inside...wow, this entry is getting pretty dark and real, huh?

I understand that he still has a long way to go before he's officially walking and running on his own, but I don't care. I feel like I have all the patience in the world now, because I know we're on our way to getting there. We'll just have to take "baby steps"! :)

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