Home Sweet Home!!!

I don't think anyone is more excited than I am to finally be home! We had a wonderful trip and it was so great being able to see all of our families again, but there's just no place like home. We left Brownsville early on Friday in hopes to beat the Houston traffic, but Dylan definitely made himself at home before we left.

He liked rearranging Grandma B's utensils in the kitchen...and also throwing them on the floor!

He took over Uncle Joey's computer!

And also stole Grandpa B's recliner and his "man room"!!!

We decided to stay one more day in Houston to rest up and so Dylan could make a few more visits before leaving town (yea, Dylan had so make some visits..its not about Keith or I anymore!). Luckily that also meant that we could swing by The Galleria so I could take Dylan to Dylan's Candy Bar. Jackie was the one who told me about it when she gave Dylan a candy bar for Christmas (she gave him other things too, not just a candy bar!!!) and I've been wanting to take him since I found out they had a store in Houston.

They had a lot of yummy candy and I also bought Dylan a shirt (since technically it has his name on it, spelled the same way!).

We had a better drive back and Dylan didn't really cry too much...whine yes, but no real crying. Dylan slept for about an hour once we got home and now he's going around the house delivering the mail with his new walker while I watch the closing arguments for the Casey Anthony trial...don't ask me to blog about that! But the real fun starts tomorrow when I attempt to tackle all the laundry!

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