Week in the Life

I originally got the idea for a "Week in the Life" blogpost from another blog I read every now and then by Ali Edwards. You basically document a week in your life using pictures and words, however she gets a little more intense by using scrapbooking materials and organizing them in binders. I don't have the time nor the scrapbooking knowledge to go that far, so I'm keeping it simple! Also, I initially wanted to try the 365 Project, which is where you take a picture everyday for a year (365 days), but I know I'm not nearly as invested to do that either. So I figure this is a great medium and a fun way to share our life...I strongly suggest you do the same!

Sunday, July 24th: Joey was here this weekend and I had a craving for chocolate cake (walking down the cake aisle at Target will do that to you), so I figured I'd make one for all to share! It was quite tasty but I will admit, I really could've pilled on some more chocolate icing *sigh*...

Monday, July 25th: Okay, so I cheated here by adding 2 pictures, but I loved them both. While Daddy was at the dentist the boys and I decided to have some fun with the bubbles (yes, the cat and the kid love bubbles equally). Dylan especially loves how distracted Hooch gets by the bubbles that it gives him enough time/space to get close enough to touch the kitty and his jingles.

Tuesday, July 26th: Today Keith and Dylan went to lunch with Chris at The Tomato that was rebuilt in Sanger, TX, leaving me alone for the afternoon. So what did I do with myself?? Pedi!!! And cleaned the house, of course. I enjoyed it very much! Now waiting for my boys to get home with some pizza for me :)

Wednesday, July 27th: We didn't do much today but since Dylan does suffer from "cabin fever" quite often we have to take him out at least once a day, even if its just for a stroll through the mall. We decided to venture out to Stonebriar in Frisco because our usual mall in Plano does get routine after a while...although you can't beat the covered parking garage these days!

Thursday, July 28th: Today we went to Little Elm Park and visited their "beach". I know I have a whole blog post about it already, but figured it was worth sharing again :)

Friday, July 29th: Today was Friday, which was a Gymboree Day!!! Dylan only has one more class before I go back to work and I've been pretty upset about leaving until I found out today was his teacher's last day (he's a nursing student). His teacher was great and I'm really happy we got to spend our summer in his class.

Saturday, July 30th: Today we went up to Denton to go tour UNT's new football stadium. And even I'll admit, it was pretty freakin' cool. Now all we have to do is figure out how to raise the money for club level seats...watching football in A/C and with alcohol!? Heaven! And Dylan has his seat picked out already :)

As much as I loved this project, I surprisingly found myself having trouble keeping up/keeping track of my pictures for everyday ("oh crap, did I take a picture today?? I don't remember!!"). It was definitely a bit harder than I thought...I hope you all enjoyed!

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