Happy 1st Birthday Anderson!

Today we went to a birthday party for Dylan's friend Anderson. Anderson was in Dylan's daycare class last fall, until Dylan was moved up to the older class in January, and they'll be in the same class this coming year as well. I'm happy that Dylan gets to keep the same kids in his class as he grows and I know he's ready to see his friends again (I don't know why when he could stay home and spend all day with mommy!!!). 

Unfortunately with Dylan still not walking (at least not when he doesn't want to) he's still pretty limited in what he can do...like climb up the play equipment at McDonald's. And we still have to stick pretty close to him to make sure he doesn't fall...or maybe that's just a "mommy-thing". But luckily there was a toddler area so Dylan was still able to play!

You can tell by the smile on his face that he's ready to go back to school and play with someone other than mommy & daddy everyday :(

Here's Anderson (sitting in the red chair, behind the toy) opening our present!

And of course Dylan has to try out all of the birthday boy's new loot!

Dylan had so much fun and we're happy to have been a part of Anderson's special day. Keith has one more week before he has to go back to work and unfortunately it's starting to fill up with dentist appointments and check-ups. Yup, leave it to us to do all of this last minute. Neither one of us is ready to go back to work yet but I guess we HAVE to do something to earn these paychecks we get every month, huh?

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