Summer sickness...

Well, seeing as how I'm sick in bed at the current moment (I know, who gets sick during the summer?!?!) I decided to do some blog updating before my MacBook's battery dies on me.

On Tuesday Dylan decided to be ever so generous and not wake up until 8:45am, so we decided it'd be a great opportunity to take the DART train down into downtown Dallas and go to lunch. We had a fun ride down and had a yummy meal at the Hard Rock Cafe. Unfortunately on our way to Victory Plaza we lost Dylan's cool hat. He had it on when we left and not 5 minutes later. It was blazing hot out already and we didn't want to suffer through in going to go look for it :( Oh well, hopefully we'll find another one just like it. We have a few more ideas on things we'd like to do for the remainder of our summer break (Keith goes back in 2 weeks and I in 3 1/2), so hopefully the weather might get better???

Unfortunately with it being 105 degrees outside (just another North Texas summer), Dylan is very limited in his fun, summer activities during the day. I try to take him out as much as I can in the early morning before the heat becomes fatal, so while we’re stuck at home I have to do what I can to keep him entertained…even if it means making a mess in the living room!

Dylan has really gotten into books and I love watching him open them all at once and "read" them. He really is growing so quickly right before our very eyes...its completely bittersweet...

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