11 Favorite Photos of 2011!

Here are my Top 11 Favorite Photos of 2011! It was really hard only choosing 11 of them...even harder trying to rank them. But here they are...

#11: Dylan at the Dallas Arboretum (September 2011)

#10: Daddy walking Dylan to his 1st day of school (August 2011)

#9: Dylan's "Easter" pictures at the park (April 2011)

#8: James at the Pumpkin Patch (October 2011)
Of course James had to be one of my favorites! :)

#7: Dylan's "1-year" pictures at Highland Park (May 2011)

#6: The Hyde Family (December 2011)
This year I had the wonderful opportunity to get to photograph other people besides Dylan & Keith...and enjoyed every minute!

#5: Dylan on St. Patrick's Day (March 2011)

#4: Back at Highland Park just because I felt like taking more pictures (June 2011)

#3: The Adamo Family (November 2011)

#2: Bunny pictures for Dylan's Easter cards (March 2011)

#1: Dylan at the Pumpkin Patch with his buddy, Gloworm (October 2011)

Photography has definitely been therapeutic for me this year...I love to do it! Let's see what fun surprises and experiences it'll bring me in 2012 ;-)

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